About Us

DehraDun Boys is fortunate in its unique management partnership between a professional educational society and a hotel group. The Society is successfully running The Doon Girls School Since April 2000. Consequently, the housekeeping, hygine and kitchen are managed by professionals in their respective field, leaving the professional educationist free to concentrate on the academic, cultural, sporting and character development of the child.


The management visualizes an education system which will foster independent thinking, experimentation, universal values and service to humanity within a safe and nurturing environment.

To inculcate sound ethical values and simultaneously exposing them to the most modern technologically driven educational environment.


It is our mission to prepare young boys for the best secondary schools in the country and abroad and to achieve this in a gentle atmosphere without the modern day pressures generated by sweatshops.

It is our mission to motivate and educate boys, not just in successfully attempting the entrance tests to the best schools but also in preparing them in all aspects, cultural and sporting, and in inculcating the value and joy of sharing, cooperation and camaraderie.

The school believes in strong Indian tradition as reflected in its activities and an emphasis on morality, good manners and respect for elders.


To provide an educational environment to foster 'the pursuit of excellence', such that every student is given the opportunity to reach maximum scholastic and personal excellence.

To provide a caring environment in which individual attention is given to the general well being, academic and personal development of each student.

In order to enhance the total development of character though all aspects of School life, the School emphasizes on.

  1. Acceptance of personal responsibility
  2. Concern for others
  3. A feeling of oneness with those of different race, religion and social background.
  4. An ethical approach to all aspects of life
  5. Respect for integrity and truth
  6. Team work
  7. Self-motivation
  8. Practical, applied learning
  9. Community responsibility towards the less privileged
  10. Development in students of lasting commitment to International co-operation and a readiness to promote this cause actively throughout their lives.

The school motto "Will to Excel" is the cornerstone on which the School builds the character of every student.