Classrooms are airy, spacious and cheerful. Furniture has been aesthetically designed for different age groups.

Computer and Abacus

Computer aided learning and teaching is used for all classes. Abacus is used to inculcated mathematical Skills and an interest in Maths. Faculty


The School has a team of motivated and dedicated teachers employing professionals for top positions from the best school in Indian. The faculty undergoes regular in- Service training and national developments and innovations in the field of education.

Audio Visual Room

Educations films, illustrated talks on various Subjects, scientific demonstrations and the Internet to compliment learning and enhance student awareness.

Learning Resource Center

A large Spacious library or LRC is stocked with over 10,000 books and a wide variety of magazines and periodicals. This is used extensively to inculcate the habit of reading.


Open Space is available for children to play Cricket, Football, Badminton and other such games. Play equipment viz. Swings, Jungle Gym, See- saw, Slides Rockers, Sand Pit, Frisbees and Skipping Ropes are in ample for the younger children to play. Basketball and badminton courts make up for additional Sports facilities. Yoga and Karate are also important features for spiritual and physical development.

Cultural Center

For developing aesthetic and creative skills amongst the young ones thought Art, Craft, Music, Cane Weaving and Pottery.

Medical Facilities

A fully qualified and well-trained nurse is available in the School clinic. A qualified doctor visits the School daily and should there be any emergency, various hospitals are close by.

Swimming Pool

An outdoor pool is provided for the children to strike a balance between fun and education.

Accommodation and Food

The School accommodation is a well co-coordinated facility, with clean and large airy rooms. We have placed as much importance on the bathrooms as on the rest of the facility. The toilet arease are scrupulously clean, with hot and cold water supply.

Meals and Wholesome snacks are available in the School Kitchen serving hygienically cooked food. Milk is served thrice daily to cater to overall development of children. The menu Comprises of Punjabi, South Indian and Chinese dishes. To Keep pupils in good health, the catering manager actively supervises all Kitchen operations supported by a dietican.

House System

The school is organized along the house system and has four houses. Through this students are brought face to face with moral and spiritual values, Indian culture, service and citizenship. It endeavors to inculcate not only humanitarian values to help the needy and the deprived but also concern and commitment towards the improvement of the environment and the welfare of animals. Students are taught to appreciate the World and directly involve themselves with issues that are of common interest to them and the rest of the world.