Director's Message

Over the years since April 2000, The Doon Girls School' has developed into a Progerssive child-centered residential preparatory School, Committed to providing education and all round development for all its pupils. Each child is given the opportunity to strive for excellence and is encouraged to achieve their fullest potential.

Parents have repeatedly requested us to open a school also for their little boys, as it would faciliate them to have both children studying in the same city. I am so glad that today we are in position to entertain this scholastic concern of parents, by starting a junior boy's residential school.

We look forward to new friendship and bonding.

I Goswami


Every achievement, every mile stone reached has behind it a story of a journey fulfilled with dedication and passion. The Doon Girls School has kept that promise alive – a promise that is silent, yet has determination, and after seven successful years, the school starts a preparatory for the boys, yet another feather in its cap. Our School is a garden where beautiful flowers grow afer careful purning, watering, weeding, weeding and nurturing.

Teacher are born, not made, and I got my calling towards this profession in 1981. Each year has added a beautiful experience to my life where each one has learnt some thing form each other. When I let my hand out, tiny hands reach out to hold it, and thus together we begin the long walk, which ends not only in school premises but goes beyond, and that is my vision for Dehradun Boys School.